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What are our Advisory Services?

SecureState’s advisory services are designed to assist organizations with executive management decisions surrounding information security after SecureState performs a businesses' information security assessment (s). The advisory services supplement the Chief Information Security Officer or equivalent in the organization. SecureState performs over 350 information security assessments per year for various industries. The ability to foresee trends, anticipate emerging threats, and offer vendor agnostic solutions is a unique capability of SecureState.

Why do it?

The ability to understand when to use services, implement products, or determine the ROI on a particular investment can be challenging. SecureState’s advisory services are tailored to help solve very complex problems and challenges while maintaining a transparent profile in the organization. Using other information security vendors? No problem. SecureState can incorporate their strengths into our team atmosphere. However, other questions may arise such as: When should you use a penetration testing firm? When do you need an audit and compliance team? Incorporating the right team at the right time can make the difference between obtaining budget or additional resources and facing the daunting challenge of articulating the risk to the organization.

How we can help?

SecureState becomes part of your information security team by understanding your core business and the similarities to your industry peers and by aligning these strategies and initiatives to develop an information security road map. SecureState regularly presents to boards of directors, investment firms, shareholders, and executive management to advise them on the security risks for the organization and the applicable countermeasures.