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  • Enterprise Open Source Intelligence Gathering

    April 30. SecureState Headquarters.

    What does the Internet say about your company?  Do you know what is being posted by your employees, customers, enemy's or your competition? This webinar will cover what the risks are to an organization regarding publicly available open source intelligence (OSINT) which can expose potential vulnerabilities about your company.  

    Topics will include:
    • How your organization can address this risk by putting an open source intelligence gathering program in place.
    • The tools and services that are available for gathering intelligence on the Internet.
    • How to get information you may not want posted about your company removed from the Internet including document metadata

  • Securing Bitcoin and Virtual Currency Webinar

    May 16. SecureState Headquarters.

    Virtual or Crypto currency is picking up steam, and with that security issues are growing as well. While many issues with the traditional internet systems (banking, credit card and fund transfer systems, etc.) are averted by the way virtual currency is architected (which gives it a great advantage), security will always be a concern. 

    With the game afoot and so much at stake, service providers and virtual currency stakeholders must step up and proactively manage the risks of their organizations and the community as a whole.

    In this seminar you’ll learn:
      • An overview of virtual currency
        • The basics
        • The players
        • How it works
        • Mining coins for business
      • The macro-economic factors that are driving it’s adoption, growth and volatility
      • The biggest risks with the new currency
      • Issues with securing it (even though it’s ‘crypto’)
      • Steps to take to be prepared with security
      • What the future may hold for this unprecedented opportunity
      Join us for this informational and entertaining webinar to get a better understanding of the security issues that may be coming your way soon!