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  • CleveSec Meeting: Phishing Like a Monarch with King Phisher

    March 10. SecureState.

    This talk will go over the latest features of King Phisher (an open source tool developed in-house at SecureState), discuss advanced phishing techniques and give a live demonstation. The audience will leave with an understanding of how dedicated attackers run their phishing campaigns and how security professionals can use King Phisher to test their users.

  • Client Event: Kegs & Eggs

    March 17. SecureState.

    ​An all day St. Patrick's Day celebration at the SecureState office, exclusively for top clients.

  • Webinar: Advanced Phishing Techniques

    March 19. Online.

    SecureState's Advanced Phising Webinar will dive into the details and demonstrate the custom techniques that makes their phishing campaigns so successful. The more advanced features that power their open source project King Phisher, will be demonstrated. Participants will see examples of creating dynamic server content, manipulating the flow of a campaign and ultimately harvesting credentials as part of a CSRF attack. This webinar is for anyone looking to improve their phishing game, and for organizations that want to test for sophisticated targeted phishing attacks.