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Professional Services

Common Challenges and Outlook for Professional Services

Professional services firms face a unique challenge in the current economic environment. With so many existing firms out there and so many new firms popping up, it’s hard to distinguish among them. A key differentiator is data security. It is no longer acceptable to just assume a professional services firm is providing data security; verification is required. Even more so, professional services firms that handle clients' critical data need to ensure that they are handling data correctly, not exposing that information, and are in compliance to many of the same regulations as their clients regarding information protection.

How can we help?

SecureState has tailored a program that addresses the complex needs of professional services firms and understands the complex information protection reporting needs that professional services firms have with their clients. SecureState understands the challenges that professional services firms face in handling many different types of data, as well as the compliance with the regulations and standards for data information protection. If you are interested in enforcing security within your organization, a list of SecureState's applicable services can be found in the left-hand column of this page.

Applicable Regulations / Standards / Frameworks