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Common Challenges and Outlook for Education

For those in the education field, one of the most challenging aspects is dealing with the “open” environment. While having a network with data that can be accessed by all, the line between functionality and information security is often blurred. That, along with having to manage several networks and individual organizations within an institution, can make for a convoluted approach to your information security program. Educational institutions have seen a high number of data security breaches and are becoming the focus of many attacks, as well as  new regulations and standards.

How can we help?

Because of potential information security risks, a thorough data security assessment for your institution is vital. SecureState has worked with many educational institutions, by performing security assessments and helping them to build their strong information security programs with limited impact on the functionality of their network. SecureState’s team approach brings the ability to manage the information security program across the different individual organizations. If you are interested in enforcing security within your organization, a list of SecureState's applicable services can be found in the left-hand column of this page.

Applicable Regulations / Standards / Frameworks