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Counterintelligence refers to the identification, analysis, exploitation, and neutralization of foreign intelligence gathering activities. There are several types of counterintelligence activities and they can be broken down into four major categories:

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Insider threat/cyber
  • Counterintelligence Operations
  • Counterintelligence Analysis


Implementing counterintelligence/counterterrorism within an organization can proactively identify and protect from foreign intelligence gathering activities. SecureState’s expertise in cyber security allow for organizations to leverage our ability to identify vulnerabilities that may be presented from insiders and new cyber technologies introduced into environments.


SecureState’s personnel are experts in counterintelligence/counterterrorism support and have demonstrated experience and ability to perform the requirements at a high level. Our team members also bring proven ability to leverage technology while making improvements within Counterintelligence programs. The team created a product called TechWatch that performs detailed counterintelligence analysis of unsolicited email traffic to client resources. Our TechWatch product has received praise from both NASA HQ and outside intelligence organizations as well as automated a number of processes in support of the Counterintelligence efforts that have received NASA HQ and external IC recognition.

Did You Know?

  • Social Networking is a routine target for gathering Intel
  • Counterintelligence activities are not just performed within the DoD

Our Approach and Methodology

Approach varies based on activity.

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState has developed tools to streamline CI processes
  • SecureState has strong past performance in CI
  • Our team was responsible for the development of TSCM Program for Top 5 National Bank
  • We specializes in Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

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