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Security Engineering


Security engineering is a broad term that spans across several areas of security. From developing and implementing the security aspects during system design, to architecting systems that are designed specifically for security; organizations within the Federal Government perform security engineering techniques every day. Security engineering encompasses several aspects of security including:

  • Security Requirements Analysis
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Security Testing (IE Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, etc.)
  • Security Operations and Maintenance


Security engineering can provide organizations with the comfort of knowing that systems are designed with security in mind. It is important that systems are engineered in a way that meets applicable standards and regulations in order to stop attacks or protect from natural disasters. Whether organizations are designing web applications or physical systems, any system disruption or compromise can harm an organization or aid an enemy’s attack. Implementing strong security engineering techniques or designing systems that identify and deter an attack can be the difference between a hacker’s success and failure.


SecureState provides Security Engineering of all aspects. Leveraging all practice lines (Profiling, A&C, Risk Management, Forensics), SecureState is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in designing systems to the proper standards and regulations. Our commercial experience gives SecureState’s engineers a unique understanding of implementing security into systems in a way that does not impact the performance of those systems. Our staff of experienced team members can provide testing, requirements analysis, security configuration, implementation of security baselines, etc. Additionally, all of SecureState’s security engineers are DoD 8570.01 compliant with certifications such as CISSP.

Did You Know?

  • Security Engineering dates back to the original days of Locksmithing and security printing
  • Security Engineering should be built into any development process
  • Security engineering is used to properly segment networks

Our Approach and Methodology

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState combines technical capabilities of consultants with strategic planning and resiliency focus, with an R&I lab to backup findings, techniques, recommendations, and solutions
  • We have experts in all disciplines of security contributing to the team: Audit and Compliance; Risk Management; Profiling and Penetration; and Incident Response
  • SecureState’s expertise pulls from both commercial and Federal government experience including DoD and Intel disciplines
  • Our experienced team of engineers are Internationally Recognized


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