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DoD 8570.01 Training


DoD Directive 8570.01 sets out the information assurance requirements for individuals working within the Department of Defense, conducting Information Assurance Functions. These functions range from performing Information Assurance activities such as C&A to performing basic IT functions such as Systems Management. Within the document, the DoD details the baseline certifications required for each function (IAT, IAM, IASAE, and CND) of service provided. In order to meet the expectations of the Federal Government, organizations often seek quick and efficient training for individuals to meet the requirements. These classes can be provided in a variety of methods:

  • Onsite Training
  • Web Training
  • Video Conferencing


The main reason to pursue DoD 8570.01 training is that individuals must have the proper certifications to begin working on DoD systems. Several of these certifications are very difficult to earn, requiring months of preparation, as well as comprehension of large volumes of reading materials. Training courses are designed to speed up that process and ensure that individuals are able to pass the tests the first time.


SecureState has an effective training program for individuals planning to take the certification exams. Individuals from many different technical backgrounds and job roles have gone through our training program, and we currently enjoy a 95% pass rate for those who have taken the certification exams.

Our course is unique in that it not only covers the areas included in each exam; however, it also covers test taking strategies unique to the each exam. It has been our experience, as well as that of many of our colleagues in the information security field; that quite often, test takers struggle most in the domains with which they are most familiar. For example, physical security experts often struggle with the physical security section of the test. While this may seem counter intuitive, it demonstrates the fact that the correct answers on the exams are not necessarily the correct answers in the real world. A test taker must answer the questions as the test authors want the questions answered.

Did You Know?

  • DoD 8570.01 compliance is required of all personnel that deal with DoD systems
  • SecureState’s DoD 8570.01 training provides individuals with test taking techniques

Our Approach and Methodology

Course Structure

Each course will encompass 40 hours of lecture/instruction with study guides and tests. SecureState’s training courses assume that students will study intently outside the course, and already have some basic technical and security experience. SecureState provides a facilitator who will handle the administrative elements of the course and also keep things on track. Within each course, SecureState provides a certified expert in each domain/area. While it is difficult to quantify, it is important to note that SecureState’s experts are dynamic, experienced speakers and provide real world experiences to illuminate the domain subjects.

SecureState offers four course options to best suit our clients’ needs. Those options are as follows:

  • Option 1: 1-week course (5 Days) conducted during typical workweek (M-F, 8-hour days) with Facilitator onsite and individual certified experts available via video conference.
  • Option 2: 8-week course (1 class per week) conducted in 8, 5-hour class sessions during off-hours (5pm -10 pm), all virtual.
  • Option 3: 5-week course (1 class per week) conducted in 5, 8-hour class sessions during normal business hours with Facilitator and expert onsite. **Client assumes responsibilities of all per diem / travel expenses.
  • Option 4: 5-week course (1 class per week) conducted in 5, 8-hour class sessions during normal business hours with Facilitator and experts available via video conference.

Course Offerings include:

  • CISA
  • CISM
  • GCIA
  • Other offerings as determined necessary

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