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Communication Security (COMSEC)


Communications Security (COMSEC) is the practice of preventing unauthorized interception/access of telecommunications traffic to its intended source. Within COMSEC there are several disciplines including:

  • Cryptographic Security
  • Emission Security
  • Physical Security
  • Traffic-flow security
  • Transmission security
  • Electronic Key Management System


Without securing communications systems and traffic that flows on those systems, organizations will find information may be leaking out. Should organizations be providing classified services, there are requirements that must be followed, such as Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) developed by the NSA to supply electronic keys around the encryption of the COMSEC devices. Each agency within the DoD or operating in the classified space have processes that follow EKMS.


SecureState’s COMSEC Managers will be ready to work from the first day. Our team’s COMSEC Managers are NSA-trained with extensive experience in managing COMSEC accounts; and will comply with all COMSEC custodian and managerial duties. We currently maintain our own NSA COMSEC account to support multiple contracts. Additionally, SecureState uses this experience to ensure all of our COMSEC managers are fully trained and kept abreast of changing requirements, new systems, and technologies.

Did You Know?

  • SecureState has given several presentations on communication’s security, including
  • Physical Security is an extremely important aspect of COMSEC
  • SecureState’s training experience allows for excellent COMSEC User Training

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState provides COMSEC Services in accordance with the necessary standards set forth by the customer for which the services are provided. Using standards such as NSA/CSS Policy Manual 3-16, NAG-14C, NAG-18, NSTISSI 4000, perform several tasks including:

  • Protect COMSEC material and limit access to individuals without a valid need-to-know
  • Receive, receipt for, and ensure the safeguarding and accounting for all COMSEC Material
  • Maintain COMSEC accounting and related records
  • Conducting inventories
  • Performing destruction of material
  • Develop curriculum for material users
  • Provide services as a NSA COMSEC Account Manager

During these services, the team also deals with a variety of equipment and training methodologies. This equipment includes:

  • C4I Systems
  • Keying Material (KEYMAT)
  • Documents
  • Fax
  • Telephony
  • Secure Terminal Equipment
  • GSM Cell Phones

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState performs COMSEC Account Management following several different standards while dealing with several CORs; including NASA and the NSA.
  • Our multiple past performances allow for collaboration between our employees on best practices
  • SecureState’s Commercial Practice focuses on encryption key management as a Certified TR-39 Auditor, ensuring the protection of debit card transactions

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