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The Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3 is designed to protect Intelligence information within Information Systems and systems associated with the Intelligence Community. Given the extreme sensitivity of intelligence information, the Federal Government designed a special Certification & Accreditation (C&A) process to provide uniform policy guidance and requirements to ensure adequate protection of certain categories of intelligence information stored or processed on an information system. For the purposes of DCID, intelligence information refers to:

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information
  • Special Access Program for intelligence


The Director of Central Intelligence requires that all US Government entities, contractors and allies which process intelligence information must establish, implement and follow the controls/processes identified within DCID 6/3. The controls/processes identified within 6/3 include requirements for an Information System Security Program, Guidance on an approach to risk management for systems, technical and administrative security requirements for a system in a given environment and examples of appropriate documentation.


SecureState’s team of experts is experienced in providing Certification & Accreditation services for the Federal Government. This experience has provided an understanding of the processes, controls, and implementation of applicable C&A standards including DCID 6/3. Additionally, SecureState’s resources have performed work within the Intelligence Community and carry the necessary clearances and certifications to perform work within DCID 6/3.

Did You Know?

  • DCID can apply to Commercial Entities
  • DCID emphasizes Integrity and Availability as much as Confidentiality

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState’s approach is based on individual directive specifications.

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState has several years of providing IA services to the Federal and private sectors
  • The SecureState team has strong past performance in providing C&A services
  • SecureState employs individuals with DoD 8570 compliant certifications
  • SecureState understands the processes for security compliance and performs these services for several other regulations/standards including FISMA/NIST, ISO, PCI, etc.

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