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Ken Stasiak SecureState CEO 

Ken Stasiak

CEO & Founder

Ken Stasiak has built an information security firm with no equals, employing consultants who are head-and-shoulders above their industry peers in technique and delivery. His clients value him and look to him for guidance, his employees respect him, and his competitors loathe his keen business sense and industry forte.

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Sue Satink SecureState CFO

Sue Satink


Because of her extroverted, optimistic nature, she loves to deal with people, implement new processes, and fix problems. Sue does not like to be told "no", which helps her navigate her way through negotiating with vendors, financing, and members of the SecureState team in order to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Dennis Sommer SecureState

Dennis Sommer

Chief Operations Officer

Dennis rates high in the Dominance (D) personality dimension. As a result, he is focused on shaping the SecureState environment by overcoming any opposition to achieve superior results. By offering progressive ideas that solve problems, Dennis is influencing the development of SecureState’s organizational systems. He is a driven innovator whose ability to initiate and design change is greatly influencing SecureState’s success.

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Matt Neely Director of Research & Innovation Team

Matt Neely

Director of Research & Innovation Team

Drawing upon his deep technical and business knowledge, he provides the leadership SecureState's consultants need to be the absolute best information security protection firm in business.

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Brian Dean SecureState

Brian Dean

Manager, Audit & Compliance

Brian Dean is relentless when it comes to helping businesses uncover consumer-centric solutions that align with their corporate strategy. With extensive experience in the privacy and security industry, including process reengineering, strategic planning and risk management, Mr. Dean has a diverse skill set that enables creative and compliant cost-justified solutions.

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John Melvin SecureState

John Melvin

Technical Lead, Incident Response

His behind-the-scenes approach to providing Incident Response Services is a precise fit for the areas of expertise in which he operates when coming to the aid of clients.

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Matt Franko SecureState

Matt Franko

Director, Federal Practice

With Matt Franko's aggressive and competitive nature, there are very few things that get in his way. With a specialty focus on breaking down walls and barriers, Matt has demonstrated an expertise in building up new business areas in his years at SecureState.

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